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Two New Websites

Visual Adventures recently completed two new websites.. With both of these sites I used a technique to have a creative expanding background that would also allow the main content to be centered. This way the page would look great on a variety of screen size resolutions. The Lakota S Ranch Site (www.lakotatelluride.com) is to display […]

Free Software!

Well it’s sort of free. The idea is that you’ll donate to these hard working individuals. Fight the software monopolies! Did you know that there was alternatives to some of the top software that you pay for on a donation basis. How can this be true? See for yourself: Microsoft Word / Microsoft Office Check […]

Ridgway Real Estate Company

Visual Adventures recently completed a site re-design for the Ridgway Real Estate Company. The link is at http://www.ridgwayco.com. Visual Adventures teamed up with Craig at ImageAid to create a data base to manage properties and brokers. The site design was based on some print ads the company was running.

New Design Coming Soon!

I working on a new site design. I’ll still be keeping the melting glacier theme, but the text boxes have been bugging me for sometime so I’m getting rid of them. I’ll also be adding some funky graphics here and there to break the monotony. Look for it in the next couple of weeks!

Which internet browser should you use?

After much research and consultations with industry experts, here is what Visual Adventures recommends you do to answer the internet browser question. Mozilla Firefox (www.mozilla.com/en-US/firefox/) ” BEST ” Firefox does a wonderful job of supporting W3C standards (www.w3c.org), has great tools for developers and users that are free and you can download them from their […]

Latest and greatest new sites!!

Check out these two new websites. Gumdrops for Kids is a high end kids clothing store here in Ouray. The site was built utilizing Yahoo’s ecommerce system. The Mortgage Store is a lender based in Telluride that we recently finished a web site for. The contact page features a google map embeded in the page […]

Chocolate and Coffee

First you need to find some good dark chocolate. I’ve been a fan of the Dove Dark chocolate since I was a kid. A lot of the other brands are waxy and have no flavor. The trick to eating the chocolate is to go slow. In fact, it’s best if you just let it melt […]

New Expandable Layout

I’ve spent the past two mornings (plus more time previously) working on an expandable layout for the Visual Adventures website. An expandable layout means that as the browser window is resized, the content will grow or shrink to fit. This initially sounds wonderful and you might be wondering Å“why aren ‘ t all web sites […]