purple lily

Up Close and Personal

Mendenhall glacier ice

Juneau, Alaska 2015

sunset at long sands beach in york maine
the fire artist
juneau alaska rainforest

Short Film: A Walk in the Juneau Rainforest

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qpaWweVFe4A I wanted to share…
horny toad in voodoo canyon

Mary Harlan at Indian Creek

[monoslideshow id=31] This is a series of images I shot of…

Flagstaff Rock Climbing

[monoslideshow id=30] The guys at Vertical Relief asked for…
Lisa Nelson in Waterholes Canyon

Big Fun in Lower Waterholes Canyon

Canyons are like hidden worlds beneath the surface of the…
horny toad in voodoo canyon

Little Critters from Voodoo Canyon

[monoslideshow id=28] Here are a small collection of photos…