Karl Boveng climbing Phoenix Baily at Stone Hill

Images from Lake KooCanUSA (Stone Hill)

[monoslideshow id=27] Lisa, Zane and I got a great tour of…

Chevy truck

While passing some time in Lee Vining, CA I grabbed this…

Slot Canyons and Quicksand

When the cars at the Wire Pass Trail head parking lot first came into view, I thought it must have been my mind playing tricks on me. The quick pace I had started the day with was now resembling a staggering limp. My feet had hurt with every step for more miles than I could remember. I guess that's what I get for hiking 28 miles in a day off the couch.
Old house in Juneau, Alaska

Photos of Juneau, AK

In between climbing trips I had the opportunity to wander around…
Jason Nelson ice cave bouldering

Some of the Coolest (Not Coldest) Ice I Have Ever Climbed

On my last day in Juneau, Ed Shanley drove me out to Mendenhall…
jason nelson ice climbing alaska

Adventures in Ice Climbing, Bart Lake, AK - Part 1

Jason Nelson Climbing Ice I looked down at my harness…
Juneau Mountain and Ice

Let the Games Begin!

I exit the grocery store with Ryan Johnson my climbing partner…
Blizzard in the Forest

Blizzard in Arizona

The biggest snowstorm of the year happened across Flagstaff while…
oak creek waterfall

Oak Creek Waterfall

Tucked an hour away up a rugged gully in Oak Creek Canyon near…
oak creek waterfall

Photography featured in Lowe Alpine Calendar

Lowe Alpine, renown maker of excellent backpacks, has included…