LED strip lights

Disco Light Installation (LED strip lights)

Installing LED strip lights for our RV was one the simplest most awesome things we have added.

LED strip lights come either with or without a 110 volt adapter.  I chose to go without so that I could wire it into our 12v system.  I simply spliced the wires into one of our reading lights and tucked the wires behind some plastic covering. Pictured is the sensor for the remote control

LED light wiring

This image shows the nice light they put off. This is now one of our main light sources and the color section changes with our mood.


Pictured is the remote control. There are about 30 color combinations, a handful of fades and flashes, and sever DIY buttons that can be programmed. I haven’t tried programming them yet, as the existing combinations seem plentiful.

LED light remote control

16′ LED strip lights with 110V power converter

16′ LED strip lights for 12V power