Goodbye Amigo… Guy Lacelle

Guy Lacelle died yesterday in an avalanche while climbing during the opening day of the Bozeman Ice Festival. This is the third friend I’ve lost this year to avalanches alone.

This comes as such a loss for all of us and a sad way to begin the Bozeman Ice Festival. Guy was just such a kindhearted fellow and I see this repeated over and over on facebook posts.
Beyond just being a great guy, he climbed very challenging ice climbs rope-less regularly. He was a standalone in this category.

So here my toast to you Guy, glass raised high to an outstanding individual, both as a person and as a climber. Thanks for letting me stay in your room when I was sick in Quebec.   I haven’t forgotten that little bit of generosity.   It was always great competing with you too at the ice festival competitions.   You were such a sportsman, and we all respected you for that.