fantastic fan vent

How to repair a Fantastic Vent

Our Fantastic Vent stopped working recently. Unsure of how to proceed, I put it off for awhile.  As summer approached an temps soared into the 90’s, I got motivated you might say.  The fix was quite easy.

Here’s what I did.  First, remove all the screws from the underside of the vent.  A regular phillips screwdriver will do for most of the screws.  The knob that raises the vent cover will also need to be removed.  The lock know will need to be removed as well and this will require a thinner screwdriver tip.  Once everything is off you can use a voltage meter to see if there is a short in the system, which is the most likely scenario.  For our vent, a white wire was hanging out, and it just needed to be plugged back into the ground terminal for the vent.  Piece of cake!  Getting the screw back into the lock knob was the hardest part of the process.

fantastic vent