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Mountain Luxury : Website Design

mountain luxury homepage
The Mountain Luxury website was a pretty large project. We began with a custom design aimed for high end real estate in resort areas in Utah. We then integrated an MLS / IDX system, which allows   the viewer to search for real estate listings and view agent information. The site utilizes the blog in a dynamic nature by displaying blog posts for related subjects on each page. There is also an added database table that searches for local schools in the areas viewers are interested in.

Property Results Page

mountain luxury property results
The Search Results page pulls in property listings from the local MLS service via IDX Broker’s system. IDX Broker has a great set of tools we were able to use to customize how search results were displayed.

Resort Page

mountain luxury resort page
These pages have been programmed to pull in blog post excerpts that have been tagged for the specific resort. You can see these in the white box. The box below that pulls in property listings in the particular resort. Both of these features pull in the information dynamically so the page auto-updates itself without the client needing to do anything. This gives the viewers fresh content as they travel the site.

School Search Page

mountain luxury school search page
The School Search was built by modifying the WP-Property plugin to display schools. The WP-Property plugin is meant as a real estate and property management tool, but with a little re-arranging of this and that, it becomes a useful tool to store and search information about schools.