Noisy Computer Fan

fanRight now I have a fan on my computer that is so noisy that I can hardly think.   If you have this problem too, it’s nice to know that there is a solution that doesn’t require replacing the parts.   Essentially, you take the fan out and re-oil it   with either a syringe or a needle and some oil.   Here are the specific instructions to do so:

How to Oil a Video Card Fan

Fans Without Bearings to Lube

I found out that my fan does not have bearings and thus this above tutorial didn’t apply to my situation.   There were no screws to loosen to get the video card fan off of the card.   I was able to pop out the fan and found that it was a magnetic fan.   I washed off the dirt on the fan and took a brush (the one that cleans my shaver) to brush the dust bunnies that had lodged themselves into the cooling fins. I put a tiny amount of oil on the plastic part that connects the fan to the housing, also the rotating point for the fan. Once everything was cleaned out I pushed the fan back into position and re-inserted the video card into the computer.   Note: make sure you make sure you don’t have any static electricity built up when you do this.   Touch something metal to do this. Be careful re-inserting the card so that you don’t damage any of the connections. Once I restarted my computer it purred like a kitten, but quieter!

Power Supply Fans

You can oil a power supply fan just like you would a video card fan.   See the link above.

If a power supply fan is still giving you trouble after oiling it, you can also buy one at radio shack (or a computer parts store) for ten or fifteen dollars and require it into the power supply.   It’s quite simple, and there are only two wires.   If you can match up the red ones and the black ones, you should be all set. Here’s video explaining how to do it: