Pine Creek – a good beginner slot canyon in Zion

Pine Creek Canyon of Zion is a great slot canyon for someone just learning about canyoneering.   It’s fairly short and non technical,   has minimal swimming and good anchors.   Zion Adventure Company set us up with wet suits for a minimal cost.   I wouldn’t say that a wet suit is required, but it will definitely make the whole experience more enjoyable.   You do, however,   need ropes and basic rope experience.

  1. First Rappel Pine Creek Canyon This is the first rappel into the canyon.     Right now my wife is thinking “If I have to swim through stagnant, dead animal invested water, he’s never going to hear the end of it.
  2. First bit of water in Pink Creek Canyon Let the cussing begin. There’s no turning back now.
  3. canyon light in Pine Creek Canyon Zion A narrow sliver of sunlight warms up the moment.
  4. Rapelling into the darkness, Pine Creek Canyon UT Hope you’re not afraid of the dark, and what might be in that dark water.
  5. Rapelling into arches, Pine Creek Canyon UT Now how often do you get to see and rappel through a double arch posed in the middle of a slot canyon?   Take a photo now!
  6. One the Beach, Pine Creek Canyon UT Hey Lisa, did you see that move “The Descent”?   The one with the creepy people eating monsters that live underground?
  7. the swim, Pine Creek Canyon UT Gasp for breath now, that water is cooooollllllddddd.
  8. shed some light, Pine Creek Canyon UT “Step into the light Carol Anne..” oh wait, wrong movie reference.
  9. some climbing involved, Pine Creek Canyon UT Don’t look down now, but…
  10. into the light, Pine Creek Canyon UT Only some boulder hoping left.   Almost there!


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