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Local Flagstaff photographer James ‘Q’ Martin gives a personal, behind the scenes presentation of the Rios Libres Project and the making of the movie “Power in the Pristine.” Using multi-media, Q will illustrate the Chilean landscape’s beauty and the detrimental magnitude of the proposed dams towards this uninhabited, divine land.
The movie, “Power to the Prisine”–24 minutes features Patagonia, one of the last untouched places on the planet is under attack. Big business seeks to choke two of the region’s most pristine rivers with mega-dams and plan to decimate unique forest ecosystems to build the longest power line in the world. Follow Team Rios Libres led by professional athlete, Timmy O’Neill and luminary writer, Craig Childs on their journey from the source of the Baker River to the sea
Born in the desert, raised in Alaska, Q has a powerful relationship with the outdoor world and a talent for capturing brilliant images. His alluring photos have graced the covers of outdoor magazines, such as Alpinist. Leading companies such as Mountain Hardwear and Patagonia have entrusted him to travel the world in search of the perfect image. In Chile, he ventured out to capture and produce media that would inform the world of threatening degradation towards the Earth’s last remaining wild places. Following Chile’s largest river from source to sea, ice cap to fjord, with stunning imagery and will share this story with Flagstaff Friday night.
This presentation will show many never before scenes of Timmy ONeill interacting with nature in the funniest of scenarios, and offering insight as to what it takes to co-produce an epic trip and become a first time moviemaker. Learn why we must act now to Keep Patagonia Wild.

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  1. neynagang
    neynagang says:

    “The canyon is beautifully forested with some desert like slot sections and about half a dozen swims through cold pools of water. The canyon floors lush deciduous fauna is quite different than the open pine forest that surrounds it and with the change of the season it’s a perfect time to see the foliage.”
    You can see more about that?

  2. Western Blot Reagent
    Western Blot Reagent says:

    The problems associated with this project don’t end in Patagonia. The world’s longest power transmission line would be constructed–resulting in a 1,000 mile-long clearcut of old growth forest–to deliver the power to copper mines in the northern part of the country.

    The solution? A sound and sustainable energy policy for Chile that includes solar, geothermal, and wind. The local communities are rallying in opposition to these dams, and this film hopes to document this region and give the coalition a stronger voice.

    If you’re in the central California area, check it out next month at the Wild & Scenic Film Festival, the largest environmental film festival in the US. We’ll be there with two of our latest films, so come hang out and enjoy a great weekend of film!

  3. strumpfhosen
    strumpfhosen says:

    A new film is making the festival rounds right now that brings to light the proposed dam projects in southern Chile. Five dams are proposed for the Baker and the Pascua–two of southern Chile’s largest and most ecologically significant rivers. The film follows local community members, outdoor industry rockstar Timmy O’Neil, and a coalition of conservationists as they explore the region, its rivers, and the cultures and ecosystems on the brink of change.

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