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Story in Alpinist Magazine

About two years ago, inspired by the writing style of Matt Samet, I decided to try my own “tell all” writing experiment.  I was certainly wondering if these are words I should be sharing.  The process was a moving experience and the end result was powerful.  I was actually a little shy to share it with my wife Lisa, given how personal it was.  She loved it and said it was the best thing I had ever written.  I submitted the story to Alpinist, and now, about a year and a half later, it’s immortalized in print.  The editing process with the editors at Alpinist was more of an event than I would have ever imagined; lots and lots of revisions.

Anyway, check it out, it’s called Quid No Pro and is on shelves now!

Here is the webpage for the issue, but I don’t see my essay listed, so you may have to go and buy it.