Which internet browser should you use?

After much research and consultations with industry experts, here is what Visual Adventures recommends you do to answer the internet browser question.

Mozilla Firefox (www.mozilla.com/en-US/firefox/) ” BEST ” Firefox does a wonderful job of supporting W3C standards (www.w3c.org), has great tools for developers and users that are free and you can download them from their website. Firefox not only has these great tools, but has also created a community of users to provide feedback and tools to better its product (http://developer.mozilla.org/).

Safari (www.apple.com) ” NEXT BEST ” Safari Version 3 beta has good support for CSS 3 code which means you get a better viewing experience than browsers without that support. It has a nice clean interface with most of the features the other browsers has and does a good job of displaying web pages.

Internet Explorer 7
(www.microsoft.com) ” IF YOU DIDN T KNOW THERE WAS OTHER OPTIONS THIS MIGHT BE ACCEPTABLE. The best thing I can say about Internet Explorer 7 is that it does display pages better than Internet Explorer 6. I have to write special code for Internet Explorer 7 on occasion because it does not display the pages as well as Safari or Firefox. Internet Explorer 7 has issues with Flash content and is reportedly full of security holes (http://www.dwheeler.com/blog/2007/02/05/).

Internet Explorer 6 (www.microsoft.com) ” DON ‘ T TOUCH THE BLUE E –
(http://browsehappy.com/why/) This browser does a horrible job at displaying pages, and has more security issues than IE7. Special style-sheets have to be written just to make up for how bad of a job it does. This browser is old technology and should be left to the scrap heaps. Unfortunately as of June ‘ 07 37% of internet users are still on IE6 (http://www.w3schools.com/browsers/browsers_stats.asp). Don ‘ t let yourself be one of them. We need to get this number down so that we all get on with our lives and stop writing code for this wretched beast. There is much better technology out there, use it! Do it for me! Do it for the children!

Opera (www.opera.com) – Using Opera is like voting for an independent candidate in an election. That pretty much sums it up.