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rv in the winter

Winter RV Tips: Frozen Drain Valves

It’s a drag when you go to empty your black or grey tanks only to find the valve is frozen.  A quick fix is run a hair dryer on the valve for a few minutes. Most RVer’s will have an extension cord, and you could always fire up the generator if there’s not a handy […]

pulling suitcase down the road

Just Do It

I just came across this quote on the internet and it struck a chord. “The longer it takes to develop, the less likely it is to launch” – Jason Fried, 37 Signals. I’ve certainly seen this to be true with many projects.  Make a plan.  Do it.  Then re-invent later if you need to. You […]

Fall crossroads in Idaho

Idaho Foliage

On one of our first adventures with the RV we passed through the Idaho Falls area and got these photos along the Snake River.  It was a beautiful little camp spot and there was some fun rock climbing nearby as well on basalt columns.


Sucker Punch

I recently had an article published on the Outdoor Research Verticulture Blog. First Ascents And The Climbing Ethics Peanut Gallery You can check it out here: Here is the text version.  The link above has pics and such, so you should check that one out.   A few years ago, a concerned climber e-mailed […]