If a picture is worth one thousand words, and one minute of video is worth 1.8 million words, what are we waiting for?


Our first goal is to tell your story.
Our second goal is to do it in an entertaining way.

Video is THE way to get your message across.  It’s affordable now, and the distribution is free!  No more $10k ad campaigns on television.  At Visual Adventures, we choose the equipment needed for you and your audience.  We’re not going to sell you on 4k video if your audience is on mobile.  Our “other” skills allow us to get shots other companies wouldn’t be able to.

How We Stand Out

We have a passion for what we do.  It shows in our work.  Beyond the love and commitment to art, our climbing, rope access and rigging skills allow us to get places most cameramen wouldn’t consider.

Contact us today and let’s talk about your project.


The key to any successful video production project is proper planning, and that is where pre-production comes into play! Activities include script writing and/or review, storyboarding, location scouting and creating a shooting schedule.

Hourly $100
Half-day $450
Full-day $800


Our basic video production rates include a camera operator with a Full HD (1080p) DSLR camera, often an alternate view camera (iPhone or GoPro), basic audio package (lav mics, external sound recorder), and 3-point lighting kit. This package is best suited for single setup interviews, business segments and most other smaller video projects.

Half-day $600
Full-day $1,000

If additional equipment is needed, there may be additional charges.


Post-Production is when we take your footage and edit into a completed video. This includes video editing, motion graphics, and more! We’ll add sound, titles, color correction and encode it for DVD, or the web, and upload it to your website, YouTube or Vimeo!

Hourly $100
Half-day $450
Full-day $800

Additional Pricing Info.

A half-day is up to 5 hours, a full-day is up to 10 hours. Time includes set-up and tear down time. Travel time may be included if it is a local project.

When travel days are necessary, they will be billed at our half-day filming rate.  For shorter trips, we may bill for mileage.  We can discuss this before starting the project.

Aerial / Drone Video

Read about our Aerial Photography and Drone Services.  Suddenly, where you can place a camera is no longer restricted to your hands or a tripod!