Creative Marketing Strategies

We believe in a holistic approach to search engine optimization. This begins with determining the individual goals for your business, then developing a strategy that starts with the design and is integrated into the entire web development process.   Our strategies include the basics such as on-page optimization, content and keyword usage,   good navigation and clear user interface but we also help you establish your brand in google, give recommendations on social media integration and more.

Our websites play well with search engines

Defining your brand and conveying that messing through your website will do you no good if your audience can’t find you, but what really matters are conversions.   Are the hits to your website converting to new customers and more sales?   No?   Well, we can help with that and here is how:

  • On-page Optimization: This refers to the meta data, title tags and alt attributes within the code of the site.     This is one of the most basic but important components of SEO.
  • Content and Keywords: Using content and keywords effectively is one of the most important ranking factors.
  • Link analysis and building: Links within your site, out of your site and back into your site are important in how your site ranks with search engines and is an ongoing effort.
  • Results tracking: Installing tracking code on your site will help you understand the effectiveness of your efforts.
  • Social Media -Should Social Media be a part of your internet marketing plan and if so, which are the best tools to manage it and use it effectively.
  • SEO Tools -There are a variety of tools that look at the structure, code and other technical details that help you know if your site is being indexed properly by the search engines.

Website Audit and Recommendations

If you already have a website, but are not happy with it’s performance we can perform a detailed audit and give you recommendations on how to improve your sites conversion rate.   And if you have us do the work, we refund the cost of the audit.

Email us or give us a call at 928.699.1061 We’d love to discuss how you could grow your online reach and find customers in places you never thought to look!

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