Integrating Search Marketing

If we build it they will come….

There are a multitude of philosophies and strategies out there when it comes to SEO and search marketing.   We have to laugh a little when someone promises to put you on the first page of Google for $29.99 a month.   An effective SEO strategy begins in the research phase of a web development project and is integrated through out the entire web development process.   SEO MOZ did a great blog post in comparing SEO to baking chocolate chip cookies…leaving out a key ingredient and then adding it at the later will not give you the same end result.

Phase 1

  • Perform site analysis and end user research using Google Analytics, Web master tools, advanced search options and other web based tools.
  • Analyze current Search Engine Rankings with client provided keywords to determine sites search marketing effectiveness and identify areas for improvement.
  • Compile and provide reports that will include data on top landing and exit pages, traffic sources, site speed, demographics, keywords and other related data.
  • Analyze client current print and other marketing materials to ensure they communicate clients brand effectively and are cohesive with new website.
  • Identify potential links for link building.
  • Analyze current social media integration.
  • Develop a strategy that will incorporate specific search marketing goals to drive more organic, relevant traffic to site and increase conversions.

Phase 2

  • Work with designer to create a design with high visual impact that communicates clients brand and employs effective end user interface. Work with developer to determine site architecture and URL structure are search friendly.
  •  Identify potential landing pages, key words and calls to action.
  • Create site map/navigation using identified keywords and previous research.
  • Work with copywriter for content creation and SEO copywriting.
  • Analyze old site structure/pages and new site structure/pages to ensure all relevant content is moved over to new site.
  • Determine landing pages and calls to action.
  • Research and integrate identified links for link building.
  • Analyze current google account to ensure client has a verified account and set up Google Places, Google Plus and webmaster tools. Integrate a search marketing strategy to increase organic search engine results.

Phase 3

  • Work with designer and developer to integrate search marketing goals and build an online presence that effectively communicates clients brand while employing end user interface and usability.
  • Provide on-page optimization to include unique title, alt and meta tags for each page.
  • Ensure effective use of social media icons and interface with in site.     Work with designer to develop custom graphics for Facebook and Twitter.
  • Create internal links as well as inbound and outbound links.
  • Create and test 301 redirects to ensure a seamless transition with in the search engines.
  • Utilize the Google Webmaster Tools checklist for quality assurance and adherence to guidelines.

Phase 4

Ongoing monitoring and maintenance for at least three months after the site has gone live.   Reports will be provided each week and will include data on top landing and exit pages, traffic sources, site speed, demographics, keywords as well as site configuration and diagnostics.