What will my website cost?

The below information will give you an idea of the costs associated with your website.

Domain Name: This is the name of your web site (www.mysite.com). The domain name is like a sign pointing to where your web site is.  All it does is direct traffic to the location of the site.  Costs: $5 – $35

Hosting: This is like the office space for your web site.  It’s space rented off of a computer attached to a high speed internet connection.   Different web site needs, such as e-commerce (having a shopping cart on your site), may direct where you need to host your web site.  Hosting prices vary greatly and typically include email accounts and a control panel to manage your hosting features.   A basic hosting plan may cost $5/month while a larger account with e-commerce my cost $40/month. Visual Adventures can provide hosting for you, or you can choose your own hosting company.

Web Site Design: This is the building of your site. Costs can vary greatly depending on your needs. Our sites start at around $2000 and include a basic SEO package for local search.   We will be able to give you a better estimate after our initial meeting.

Marketing: This is promoting your web site once it has been created.  The sky is the limit with what you can spend marketing your web site and there are many ways in which to do so.

We can educate you on the use of Social Media, Google Analytics and Adwords, link building, meta data and key words as well as other resources and tools to optimize your site.   We can also design custom Facebook and Twitter pages.

Web Site Updates: This can be done by you (the client) or by Visual Adventures at our hourly rate.  Updating your content keeps it fresh and is easy to learn.   Sites built in WordPress are very easy to update, so most of our clients manage their own updates.