WordPress Websites

Tired or afraid of having to call your web designer to make a little change to your web site? WordPress is ready and waiting – fear no more!

Having used WordPress almost exclusively for the past 5 years to create a wide variety of web sites for our clients, Visual Adventures has taken what was once merely blogging software to an entirely new level. Our clients love the fact that they can update their web pages without having a college degree in web design or spending money with every call to their web designer. Just think: a web site for your business that is scalable, easy to edit and available anywhere in the world YOU are. That’s WordPress!

WordPress is a highly customizable platform that we can bend, mold and shape into almost any online appearance possible. Need e-commerce? Easy. Need a blog? It’s a click away. Need extensive online photo galleries? No sweat. WordPress allow you to have the most highly functional web site possible and allow us to focus on the details of design instead of the complications of code that search engines like to read. It’s a win-win situation for every member of your web design project.

How does WordPress work? WordPress is software that communicates with a database to performs certain tasks.   The software puts the site content into a database and uses other files to control the way it behaves and looks.   The beauty of this is that the content files and design files are separate. You can change your site design without having to change your content in most cases – and vice versa.   The design files are referred to as a theme. A skilled web designer can take any theme and modify it to suit a client’s needs.   That’s where we (Visual Adventures) come in!

How do I use WordPress? WordPress has a web-based admin.   In other words, you go to an address on your website with a login.   Once logged in, you can perform many different tasks regarding the management of your site.   You can choose to allow who can comment on blog posts or website pages, you can edit or create pages in a Microsoft Word style editor, and you can add or manage photos and slideshows.   WordPress is by far the most user-friendly way of updating and managing websites available today! Most clients comfortable with a computer have no problem finding their way around the WordPress admin.   You can see examples of how easy it is to update a page here.

Why do I need Visual Adventures to customize a WordPress site for me? No business is generic – so why would you want a generic site? Visual Adventures specializes in WordPress custom theme development, placing a unique “skin” on your one-of-a-kind website. We’ll help you stand out, get found and keep your customers when they get there.

A few more reasons to go with a WordPress based website.

  • Blogging: Search engines LOVE blogs (ask us about the importance of dynamic content!)
  • Cost vs. Benefit: It doesn’t cost anymore than setting up a regular HTML site, but what you get is so much more
  • Updates: Literally, anyone can do it.
  • Flexibility: Change layouts weekly without building a website each time.
  • Updates: WordPress is continually be updated and improved and updates are free and installed with a simple mouse click.